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Maurice Druon. Lord of Mountains.

Soldier of Rome: Heir to Rebellion. Soldier of Rome: The Legionary. Magician: Apprentice. Raymond E. The Fold. Peter Clines. Supervolcano: Eruption.

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The Grim Company. Luke Scull. At the Sign of Triumph. The Fell Sword. Vick's Vultures. Scott Warren. Give Me Back My Legions! Midst Toil and Tribulation.

An Emperor for the Legion by Harry Turtledove | Penguin Random House Canada

Supervolcano: All Fall Down. John T. The Lazarus War: Artefact. Jamie Sawyer. The Lost Stars: Perilous Shield. The Consuming Fire. John Scalzi. MacArthur's War. Douglas Niles.

Fata Morgana. Steven R. The Lost Stars: Tarnished Knight. Alternate Peace. Hitler's War. Some of the Best from Tor. Patrick Nielsen Hayden. Aftershocks Colonization, Book Three. Homeward Bound. In High Places. West and East. The Guns of the South. The Big Switch. Coup d'Etat. In the Balance Worldwar, Book One.

Videssos Cycle, Volume One: The Misplaced Legion / An Emperor for the Legion

Lee at the Alamo. Striking the Balance Worldwar, Book Four. Tilting the Balance Worldwar, Book Two. The Man with the Iron Heart. Worlds That Weren't. Upsetting the Balance Worldwar, Book Three. How Few Remain.

Emperor for the Legion - Book Two of The Videssos Cycle (Paperback, Reissue)

Down to Earth Colonization, Book Two. Gunpowder Empire. A World of Difference. The Grapple. Jaws of Darkness. Darkness Descending. The Breath of God. Opening Atlantis. Agent of Byzantium.

Exiled: Clan of the Claw. Liberating Atlantis. A Different Flesh. Marching Through Peachtree. Alternate Generals III. Advance and Retreat.

Sentry Peak. The Star and the Rockets. The Time of Troubles I. Owls to Athens. Second Contact Colonization, Book One. Beyond the Gap. The Golden Shrine. The Time of Troubles II. Drive to the East. Alternate Generals II.