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During the two months I took off from writing here, this little blog turned one!

Is there a wrong way to breathe during meditation?

A whole year of Sit Breathe Meditate, and my how the months have flown by. Today it feels appropriate to say hello, give you a brief update, and share my intentions for this space over the coming months.

There are so many fabulous blogs on the internet, so many sources of information about meditation, mindfulness and living a slower, calmer life. My intention with this site from the very first post has always been to share either inspirational thoughts with you or personal reflection on what it means to commit to living mindfully.

Just Breathe: The Importance of Meditation Breaks for Kids

When my mojo disappeared a couple of months ago I realised I could probably knock together a couple of list-driven lazy posts to keep things fresh, or I could simply wait until I had something to say. I see no need to contribute any more noise to your daily life by asking for your attention, telling you things simply for the sake of being heard. That is the exact opposite of my intentions for this space. This past week I got my rhythm back. Am I supposed to start exhaling through the mouth?

Specialty Meditation Tips : Reiki Master Guided Breathing Meditation

In fact throughout all of the Headspace exercises, the encouragement is to allow the body to breathe quite naturally, exactly as it wants to. The only exception to that rule is at the beginning of each exercise, where I ask you to take a couple of deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

This helps ground the mind and is just for that initial part of the exercise. After that, you can continue in the usual way. Andy Puddicombe is a meditation and mindfulness expert.

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Breathe along with this GIF to calm a stressed out mind. Focus on the sensation of your breath in and out.

First Step: Relax

A new study has found evidence to show that there is actually a direct link between nasal breathing and our cognitive functions. Read More. Learning to lead with composure, a deep sense of love, and a profound sense of meaning and connectedness to life. Gratitude can have a last impact on your well-being.