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The most compelling parallel to Hong Kong may be the Hungarian Revolution of , which attempted to wrest power from a communist regime.

It, too, began with a student uprising in favor of democratic elections. Within a few days, the communist government resigned and a reformist administration was formed under Imre Nagy , who allowed noncommunists to enter political office.

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This went too far for communist leaders in the Soviet Union. As with the Hong Kong protests today, the United States gave little official support to the Hungarian Revolution and was unwilling to offer material assistance.

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Keeping peace in Europe was of vital importance to U. The Hungarian example may provide little solace to the Hong Kong protesters — except, perhaps, if they consider its long-term consequences. In October , with Soviet influence in Eastern Europe collapsing, the democratic Republic of Hungary was declared on the 33rd anniversary of the revolution.

Those who died during that revolution are now remembered as martyrs. Chinese history supplies a more heartening example of a successful student-led uprising: the Revolution of The Revolution mobilized networks of intellectuals and students throughout China, but it also drew on other social groups: military officers, merchants, coal miners and farmers. The revolution erupted in many parts of China simultaneously and had various outcomes , from utter failure, to the massacre of ethnic Manchus to declarations of Mongol and Tibetan independence.

A provisional government emerged by the end of the year in Nanjing. Japan's Nikkei firmed 0. On Saturday, U.

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National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien said an initial trade agreement with China was still possible by the end of the year, though he said Washington would not turn a blind eye to what happens in Hong Kong. The comments added to worries that a Chinese crackdown on anti-government protests in Hong Kong could complicate the talks.

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In currency markets, the dollar was steady near a day high against the euro hit after its rally on Friday when U. Trump has made. Others are less enthused. Gebeke said.

The country consumed million tons of soybeans in , and 87 percent of those beans were imported — the vast majority from either Brazil or the United States. While soybeans are grown throughout the Midwest, the soybean fields of North Dakota are the part of soybean country that is closest to the Pacific Ocean, and so its beans are mostly sent to China.

In the mids, there were , acres of soybeans in the state. Last year, there were 6.

Sydney university students urged to leave Hong Kong

A few years ago, Mr. Gebeke traded his grain drill, used to plant wheat, for a second machine to plant soybeans. The Arthur Companies in opened a shiny drying, storage and loading facility that can hold 2. Soybean farmers also spent millions of dollars cultivating the Chinese market. The message was that the Chinese could be confident that American farmers would deliver high quality soybeans. The last two decades were a fat season in the soybean belt.

Uighurs in Australia hope proof of China's detention camps will free families

The grain silos and pickup trucks in Cass County are shiny and new. Karel said a significant number of the farmers who sell crops to his company had done so well they purchased winter homes around Phoenix.

But the mood is souring quickly. Public health officials in North Dakota, already confronting a recent rise in suicides, are concerned about the impact of falling prices, particularly on younger farmers with high levels of debt. The embargo ended two years later but, by then, the Soviets were getting more of their grain from Ukraine. Some nations that grow soybeans, like Canada, are shipping their own beans to China at high prices and then buying American beans at lower prices to meet domestic demand.