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Planning horizons will also be shorter. Most importantly the combination of a highly Individualist and curious nation is a high level of creativity and strong need for innovation. What is different is attractive! This emerges throughout the society in both its humour, heavy consumerism for new and innovative products and the fast highly creative industries it thrives in — advertising, marketing, financial engineering.

Long Term Orientation This dimension describe s how every society has to maintain some links with its own past while dealing with the challenges of the present and future , and societies prioritise these two existential goals differently. Normative societies.

Those with a culture which scores high, on the other hand, take a more pragmatic approach: they encourage thrift and efforts in modern education as a way to prepare for the future. With an intermediate score of 51 in this dimension, a dominant preference in British culture cannot be determined. Indulgence One challenge that confronts humanity, now and in the past, is the degree to which small children are socialized.

This dimension is defined as the extent to which people try to control their desires and impulses , based on the way they were raised. Cultures can, therefore, be described as Indulgent or Restrained.

What about the UK?

A high score of 69 indicates that the British culture is one that is classified as Indulgent. People in societies classified by a high score in Indulgence generally exhibit a willingness to realise their impulses and desires with regard to enjoying life and having fun. But making an effort to read about the history and the culture of your host country can go a long way toward building an appreciation for it. Learning the language of your host country might be difficult, but make an effort to at least learn some of the most basic elements of daily conversation.

I've seen too many expats fail to make an earnest attempt at learning the language. Language is the key to understanding culture; without trying to develop a basic ability to converse in the local language, your ability to engage with people effectively will be severely limited. Yet such powerful technology can never replace the warmth of a hug or kiss from someone you love, or the familiar scents and sounds at home that you grew up with.

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Visiting home regularly, or inviting family to visit you, will be key to maintaining your ties back home. Trips can be enormously expensive, so book early, track and redeem your airline points, and time your trips to avoid peak travel seasons whenever possible.

One of the biggest sources of headaches for expat couples is finding suitable schools for their children. Schools in expat communities are often expensive, and space is limited. Through the 70's and 80's I traveled a lot, sometimes doing volunteer work, sometimes privately tutoring English which is what I did in Chile in , sometimes working as a journalist. I also wrote a few more dope books, and started a company called the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company.

In fact I trained all the Chileans that JC Penney hired to run their stores in Chile - my job was to help them understand the US way of doing business and then how to integrate that with the Chilean ways of doing the same thing.

Quite a challenge for all concerned. And of course Penney's plans didn't exactly work out. In the s my wife and I cared for several elderly relatives in our home, which is a full-time job. But that gave me the space to take everything I had learned about myself as a North American trying to live and work harmoniously and effectively in other countries and to write my "Cultural Dimensions of Expatriate Life" series. As I said in my earlier post, I don't present myself as an expert, as you would see if you read any of my books.

I simply love the differences that exist among people, and trying to understand and appreciate the origins of those differences has always given me pleasure. My hope is that my books convey some of what I've learned in ways that are useful to others.

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I respect your skepticism, and hope that I've explained myself to your satisfaction. Now please read my book and write whatever kind of review you think it merits. If one goes to Amazon and sees a book selling for 2. There are tens hundreds?

2. Adjusting to a radically different culture and language.

So in that sense I would not refer to CD as any type of scam artist. One can pay 40 dollars for a book and end up hating it. What I do find problematic though is the fact that you have written so many books on travel and one has to wonder if you should not include a disclaimer stating that you have not been in Chile in 37 years. The danger to someone who buys your book is not in them losing 2. The danger lies in them maybe showing up in Chile for a 2 week vacation with dollars in their pocket, lost in a remote area looking for a ferry crossing that is not there, budgeting for hotel stays and meals erroneously, etc.

So much so that I will take Mr. Drake up on his offer.


Sounds like a nice guy. I have the Kindle for PC app so 2. I will be happy to post a review pro or con as well. And no, I do not consider myself an idiot for buying this book as I will not be relying on the info within to plan a trip. I do not feel like an idiot.