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Billy & Magpie with 'friends'! (Friends being Lord and Lady Lansdowne!!) | OLIVANTS EQUINE DISPLAYS

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Skip to content I must apologize for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks. Chickadees rarely sit still, so I am glad I managed to get a clear shot of this little one. The coyote was very aware of me in the window snapping photos.

Fuzzy Wuzzy 9’s Tournament: Siporo Magpies Secures a Spot in Finals

What a difference the sunlight makes! A magpie spent a few minutes in the back yard, gathering food from the deer bucket.

Fuzzy Rose Drop Earrings: Whimsical Objects

On my way back from town, I spotted this barred owl up the road; I quickly rushed home and grabbed my camera. I only managed a couple minutes watching the owl which was my first owl sighting of the year.

A black billed magpie flying through the fog. These ones were far less comfortable with my presence and hopped off deeper into the bushes very quickly.

Mimicking conversations and harassing photographers: A conversation with George the Magpie

On this occasion, he flew straight towards us and passed within about 5 feet, but it allowed me to track him to his perch in a evergreen tree, and finally get a few better shots. Still not ideal with the low light and the fog, but an improvement nonetheless.

But when her 13 th birthday coincides with a new-found ability to communicate with spirits, she realises her journey is to belong in both the Indigenous realm of culture, country, and spirits and the world of a 21st-century teenager. To deliver Grace Beside Me, Magpie Pictures was provided dailies support, on-location Avid stations, suite dry hire, remote operational set-up and technical support.

Cutting Edge supplied VFX, sound, and picture-post, including the design of the opening titles and credits, and more than 80 VFX shots.

Given the spiritual nature and audience demographics of the programme, VFX shots were composited to elicit soft tones, while maintaining a menacing on-screen presence. Our sound engineers handled backgrounds and atmospheres to create the soundscape of the town of Laureldale, which was anchored in the sounds of Australiana.