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Know the interview type.

[] Complete Guide to Dental School Interviews

Contact the school and ask what format the interviews are and prepare for that type. If you prepare for the right type of interview, you will be at an advantage. Mixed multiple interview MMI , group or one-on-one interviews will require different preparation. Make sure to do a mock interview that matches the type of interview you're going on. Know why you want to go to dental school. Be ready to clearly and confidently share why you are pursuing this profession in minutes.

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Be sincere and passionate. Additional resources to prepare:. Know why school ABC is the best place for you. You may need to do some heavy research to feel confident in this answer. If you picked this school because of its well-respected professors, innovative curricula or specialty training, you need to convince the interviewer why this is the place for you.

Know a few key issues in dentistry.

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Read ASDA's member magazine, Contour , and e-newsletters to understand what is going on in your future profession. Know what to bring. Read the blog post " 9 things to bring on an interview " for a list of interview must-haves you might forget to pack. Dress to impress. Dress in business professional attire.

Dental School Interview

Men should wear a suit or a coat and tie. It is essential to end the dental interview in a positive manner by asking at least one last question to show your genuine interest in their school. There are also questions that you should not ask at the end of your interview. Questions that show a lack of confidence in yourself or a lack of passion and commitment to dental school should definitely be avoided. These are questions that you can ask someone else that is in no way involved with the interview at the school.

Here are a few examples of bad questions that you should avoid asking:. At the conclusion of your interview ask for a business card from everyone that you interviewed with. Then send a thank you card to each person. Let them know you appreciated the opportunity to interview at the school. Re-emphasize the things that interest you about the school and this is also an opportunity to ask any follow-up questions that you may have.

Many interviewing candidates like to bring notebooks and portfolios with them featuring papers they have published, photographs of creative work or an updated resume.

You should check with the school that invites you to interview about its preferences in relation to bringing supplemental materials to the interview. Here are a few suggestions for things that you can bring along with you to make sure your interview day goes as smoothly as possible. Your body language during the interview is just as important as your ability to formulate intelligent responses and express them verbally to the interviewer s. You need to thoroughly prepare and practice how you are communicating to the interviewer s through your body language. Sit up straight and have good posture.

Try not to have any nervous habits like a restless hand, foot, or weird facial expressions. Sometimes when I was looking into peoples eyes during mock interviews I would forget what I was talking about or going to say and so I would look at their ears instead and no one can ever tell the difference. Balance honesty with being humble. Be sincere and passionate. Just relax at your interview, there is no need to get worked up and let your nerves fluster you during the interview.

If you get nervous or feel that you are getting anxious then take a few deep breaths and relax. Take three deep breaths through your nose and exhale slowly. This is one of the most helpful things to do to calm yourself down and get yourself under control. Try it out and see how it works for you. Dentistry is a professional career and dental schools only want professional people at their school. Professionalism is expected in all things, including: your attitude, your dress, your speech, your demeanor, and your interactions with people.

Dress to impress while at your interview. Dress in business professional attire. Men should wear a suit or a coat and tie. Women should wear a suit or skirt and jacket. Do not wear flashy-colored suits or anything over the top. Keep it classy! I would highly suggest having a mock interview before your actual interview.

Practice, practice and practice.

The more you practice responding to the type of questions that you could be asked during your interview the more comfortable you will be at your actual interview. Your ability to formulate your thoughts and respond to questions will improve as well as your body language and making sure that you are effectively communicating with the interviewer and getting across the points that you want to emphasize about yourself.

Set up a mock interview with the same interview format that you will have for your actual interview. Have a friend or family member act as the interviewer for you. Or if you have access to a career services office at your undergraduate institution, you may want to schedule a session with a career advisor for a mock interview. Pre-health offices typically have some resources as well that you can use in order to prepare for an interview.

Interview Tips

These might be online services that allow you to conduct mock interviews with interview prep companies or it could be a book that offers tips for interviews. Check with your pre-health office to see what they have and take advantage of any resources you can get your hands on. Also, make sure to check out the resources listed below for help in preparing for your interview. They are the leading dental school interview prep company in the nation and help about pre-dental students and international dentists every year prepare for the dental school interview.

They are definitely not cheap, but if you need the help then they can definitely prepare you and show you how to ace your dental school interview.

The only difference between the three packages is the number of mock interview and critique sessions that you get with it. The Basic package gives you one customized mock interview with one of their interview experts and one critique session for feedback following your mock interview. The Advanced package gives you two sessions of each type, and lastly with the Ultimate package you get three sessions of each type. They also offer a Motivational call for a small fee which will provide you with a last minute prep call before your interview and review of what you are most likely to encounter at your interview.

The mock interview is then followed by a 45 minute critique session where each applicant is coached on how to modify each response to be able to stand-out and shine with their strengths. The weaknesses in the application are also effectively explained and reviewed. Among the other services available from iPrep Dental is their personal statement editing department where expert editors help their clients to form an effective, well-written and impressive personal statement that helps the application stand out with all the qualities that dental schools are looking for in an ideal candidate.

The book is comprised of 5 practice exams, each comprised of 40 Biology, 30 General Chemistry, and 30 Organic Chemistry questions. The book was written by experts that scored over 25 on the DAT. The idea of iPrep Dental is that academic credentials are not enough anymore to get into dental school. They coach their students on how to answer even the most challenging, intimidating questions according to what the dental schools look for in an ideal candidate.

Their experts are all individuals that were accepted at multiple dental schools and are familiar with the admissions process. It can also be purchased separately for a small fee. This DVD was created for the medical school interview, but the dental school interview is extremely similar to it and the DVD can be beneficial to you.

The minute DVD contains sample dental school interview questions and tips for the interview.

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It is a good representation of what you can expect at your interview and how to prepare for it.