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Keep up the good work --it is appreciated Sam Miller, Compressor and David Wilson like this. Thanks for the appreciation and the book recommendation, Sam. As for the matter of fin design in post World War II Europe, there is certainly a direct link between Owen Churchill's "swim fins" and the "Admiralty pattern" fins manufactured by Dunlop for British frogmen during that war.

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As you are aware, there was a second player in the development of fins, namely Frenchman Louis de Corlieu, who preceded Churchill and was known by him. I've read somewhere that Italian combat swimmers used crude versions of de Corlieu fins during the s and one of my online gleanings was a fin design by the Italian footwear company Superga from that era: You mention the Hans Hass model made by Semperit of Austria and the German online museum of underwater gear I mentioned in my first posting has a picture: Here's an image of a West German fin dubbed "Original" and made by Barakuda from the early s: I think the East German Kessler fins have a close resemblance to these Barakuda Originals, which may indeed have been originally modelled on the Churchills or its British copies made by Dunlop and being sold as war surplus at the time.

Another possible influence is the early Soviet Mosrezina No. Compressor likes this. Here is some publicity material from for the "Medi-Nixe" rebreather outfit, courtesy of the Oxydiver Eigenbau Rebreather und tauchen website: The diving kit illustrated guaranteed the user "eine Stunde unter Wasser" one hour under water. There are plenty of websites, some with English translation facilities, dedicated to East German diving equipment manufacturing history in general and Medi in particular, notably Start.

They were apparently worn with the longer edge on the outside. Last edited: Sep 10, David Wilson , Sep 10, David Wilson likes this. David Wilson , Sep 12, On to "Hydro-Slip" fins.

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According to this web page, DeGuFa manufactured their Hydro-slip fins between and Hydro-Slip fins As you can see from the images, Hydro-Slips were what Soviet fin designers would have called "semi-open" fins, that is to say, fins not only with heel straps but also with extended footplates to protect the base of the heel.

In this case, the straps are adjustable and secured with buckles on both sides of each fin. The blades are reinforced by the side members and the two radiating centre ribs. According to the Czech web page, these fins were also available in a green colour.

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Diving writer Norbert Gierschner is quoted as saying in an article that he purchased a pair of Hydro-Slips in and used them as his first set of fins for diving. A black version also existed, as this eBay picture shows: I'll move on next to the later, upgraded version of the Hydro-Slip fin, dubbed the Hydro-Slip Super.

Last edited: Sep 16, David Wilson , Sep 16, Let's move on to the Hydro-Slip Super fin, which first appeared in East German sporting goods stores during August So the Hydro-Slip Super was an assymetrical fin worn with the longer blade tip on the outside. Because of the overwhelming data volume, it has not been possible to carry out a manual editorial check on all of these documents.

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The ventral fin n have a dark red to black collar with white border which it can be clearly distinguished from Arctic char. To control and locomotion serve the fin n, which are reinforced by the fat fins for salmon en, tetras, catfish with bony fin nstrahlen radii. Most essential features: de. In spite of these rough and quick strokes, the model is nonetheless depicted in a very precise manner.

Shiny eyes, sharply contoured pupils, sinewy neck or bony shoulder blades, everything is named and shown unambiguously and without any doubt — but still, it is pure painting that does not illusionistically submit itself to the depicted and does not pretend not to exist. I feel completely consumed. Und dann dieses Ungeheuer. Sie illustrieren nicht nur, sie schreiben auch Texte. They had been brought up on rabbits with bright-blue discs for eyes and a pink nose — and then they are faced with this monster. That however is the way rabbits are — a big, bony , rather severe animal that commands respect and not in any way cute.

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Ich habe Knie, ich auch. Bunte Fotos auf jeder Seite sind engagiert und clever. Product Details About the Author.

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Sie lehrte an der Grundschule und bringt nun ihre Erfahrungen im Lesen- und Schreibenlehren zum Nook. Sie haben vier fabelhafte Kinder zusammen.

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