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Intervenir en Syrie?

: L’Europe domine le monde

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Gli argomenti in discussione sono tanti e sono lieto che abbia sostenuto la posizione del Parlamento europeo sulle risorse proprie; noi abbiamo fatto alcune proposte, la web tax, la tassa sulle speculazioni finanziarie e la tassa ambientale. La parola subito a Manfred Weber a nome del gruppo del Partito popolare europeo.

Europa steht inmitten einer Debatte zwischen Hoffnung und Angst, zwischen Partnerschaft und Egoismus, zwischen Europa und Nationalismus. Es ist die Debatte, die wir auf diesem Kontinent haben. Die Geschichte Portugals gibt uns eigentlich eine gute Indikation. Vor Jahren, als die Chinesen ihre Flotte verbrannt und sich eingeigelt haben, sind Portugiesen wie Vasco da Gama in die Welt hinaus aufgebrochen, haben die Indien-Route entdeckt und haben jahrhundertelang davon profitiert.

Ihr Land hat davon jahrhundertelang profitiert. Es wurde bereits von Jean-Claude Juncker angesprochen, ob Portugal die richtigen Antworten gegeben hat. Dass Portugal auf diesem Erfolgsweg ist, ist ein gemeinsamer Erfolg, und deswegen Gratulation dazu! Die Segel richtig zu setzen, das ist die Aufgabe.

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Mit der Frage, Armut zu haben, mit der Frage, im Alter arm zu werden, mit der Frage, die Krankheit nicht abgesichert zu haben. Wir glauben an die Sozialpartner. Dass wir Sozialpolitik neu begreifen, bedeutet mehr gemeinsame Gesetzgebung in der Steuerpolitik. Eine sehr starke Anklage an das, was wir derzeit als Wirtschaftssystem haben. In fact, the European Union is confronted with new challenges. In this polarised world we are surrounded by nationalistic tones, and we need to make sure that the European Union is asserting itself as a beacon of international cooperation and of a progressive agenda.

We need European-scale action to respond to climate change, to set new trade agreements, to make sure that we respond properly to the digital revolution and to the migration and refugee crises. For this, yes, we need a European scale. But in order to respond properly, we need to ensure the unity of European citizens, and this unity can only be based on implementing the European Social Pillar in such a way that children, young people, women and men can comply with their new needs. What is happening with the Social Pillar is that, if you really want to implement it, we need also to count on a powerful social-fairness package, which was presented yesterday by the Commission.

But we really want to implement it. But this is not enough, because if we want to sustain the welfare system, we also need to push for investment turned to the future, creating more and better jobs. And let me come with a powerful truth: this will only happen if we have the proper means, and the proper means will be and you have referred to this to have a budget turned to the future, to have a eurozone coming back to convergence, and financing this with new resources.

The new resources should be based on tax fairness. This is the case with large-scale companies, the digital economy, financial transactions. So this is our expectation. Today in Parliament we will vote on the Parliament position on the European budget for the future, and we are pleased to count on clear support from the Portuguese Government. But let me tell you, since we know that Europe needs to connect with European citizens: we intend to launch a large-scale debate across Europe at all levels — local, national and European — to connect with citizens, to come with our proposals and to listen to them.

Herr Premierminister Costa, ich habe heute gelernt, dass wir uns einig darin sind, dass die EU und das Euro-System aktuell nicht besonders gut funktionieren.

Europa braucht auch politischen Wettbewerb. Deswegen ist der Brexit nicht nur eine Bedrohung. Das macht mir wirklich Mut. Herr Premierminister Costa! Ich bin und war und werde immer eine unverbesserliche Optimistin sein. Und ich werde optimistisch sein, dass sich am Ende die Vernunft durchsetzen wird. Also last week, it was Donald Trump who started an old-fashioned, but, I think, dangerous trade war. And also last week, Vladimir Putin gets away with murders of former Russian spies on European soil. I should say: welcome back to the future. Welcome to the new world order, a world order based on empires and no longer on nation states, on the nation states we count.

It is clear that, in such a world older, we have to look to one thing if we want to talk about a reform of Europe. What is our interest? How can we defend our interests in this new world order? And how can we defend also our security?

Because in the future we will only count on ourselves in this new world order. In such a new world order, the key question is: are we ready now with the European Union? My answer to this is: no!


We are not ready for the moment, and I give always the example of how the Americans reacted to the financial crisis, Prime Minister, and how we reacted to the financial crisis in They, in nine months, Democrats and Republicans, decided a three-stage rocket: cleaning up the banks — billion TARP; an investment programme three times bigger than ours — billion they are the capitalists and we are the so-called Keynesians, but the opposite is true ; and at the same time, a quantitative easing programme of 1.

And we, after nine years, are still discussing the banking union inside the European Union. And we have still not cleaned up all our banks in Europe. The real problem we have is that we are still not a real Union as our founding fathers wanted. We are still a confederation of nation states that is based on the unanimity rule.

So what we need as reform — and you have indicated in a lot of your interventions — are three things. First of all, a European Defence Community. We are alone in the world of tomorrow, so we need to do that homework. So there is a field where we need absolutely to create that community as fast as possible. My second point — you have indicated it and I agree completely with you: the new euro governance, a euro budget, a fiscal capacity. It is completely ridiculous to have a single currency and not behind that single currency a fiscal capacity and a full authority.

Etats-Unis-Chine : une guerre inévitable ? L'avis de Camille Chen

It is not only with the Stability and Growth Pact that we can do the business. We need, for example, a European Parliament that is not only responsible for the expenditure but also for the income, as in any normal European democracy. We need also, in my opinion as I said already to President Juncker not a Commission of And we need to get rid of the unanimity rule. I give the example now of what is happening in Britain: this attack on European, on British soil.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

We have still no opinion of the European Union. Because she needs, for example, 28 agreements before she can take a position on such a crucial issue. We have a window of opportunity of two years to do so. After Brexit there was no Nexit, no Frexit, no Dexit, fortunately. Every reminder of a non-Islamic past will be destroyed, every possibility of a non-Islamic future will be killed.

The future of Europe will be the Caliphate. But first, Europe will be torn apart by religious and ideological wars, and that is the warning we get from almost every ex—Muslim who dares to speak out, who dares to speak out. Because ex—Muslims are murdered everywhere. That is the future of Europe, unless European countries start a programme of de-Islamising now.

The EU is not useless. The EU is not just an obstacle to fight this terrible threat.