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But who was she? How could he have lived?

Lily's eyes- secret garden

Lily Potter died to save her baby son, and her sacrifice spoke volumes. They both faced judgement, and almost certainly jealousy, from the same person in their early years: Petunia. Lily tried her best to save their relationship, but it could not be fixed. Lily was kind, selfless and loyal. His unrequited love for Lily, and the effect of her friendship, subsequent marriage and death on Snape is one of the biggest shocks and tear-jerkers in the series.

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For so long we believed him to be the enemy, a professor to be feared and resented. Harry also sees his then-teenage mother, who yells at Harry's father to leave Snape alone. She even goes to the length of aiming her own wand at James. When Harry first meets Horace Slughorn , Slughorn appears to be biased towards pure-bloods, which is no surprise given that he was head of Slytherin house.

However, that doesn't mean that he refuses to see qualities in the Muggle-born; Harry's own mother, for instance, was quite a powerful witch, though of Muggle parentage, and was one of Slughorn's favorites. In Potions class, Professor Slughorn mentions that Lily had been truly excellent at potions, and attributes Harry's skill to his being Lily's son. While viewing Snape's memories in the Pensieve, Harry sees Lily as a child at her original Muggle home.

Severus Snape, also then a child, informs Lily that she is a witch and that he had been spying on her and seeing her do incredible things. Snape explains the magical world to Lily and they soon develop the bond of friendship, despite the interference of Lily's sister Petunia. Later in the memories, when Lily is at Hogwarts, she explains to Snape that they can't continue their friendship because she has issues with the type of person Snape is becoming and who he associates with.

Lily's Eyes

Even though Lily marries James, she is Snape's unrequited love. As he goes to meet Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest , Harry finds that he has the Resurrection Stone , and uses it to summon the shades of his godfather Sirius Black , Lupin , his father James, and his mother Lily.

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Lily tells him that he has been so brave, and the four of them accompany Harry to the clearing where Voldemort and his Death Eaters wait. Harry then drops the Stone, and the four shades vanish. In book six, it is repeatedly mentioned that Lily has extraordinary potions skills.

Professor Slughorn, as mentioned, says she was one of his brightest and most charming students. She was a beautiful soul, forgiving, kind, compassionate, but did not entertain evil.

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According to Remus Lupin. Lily "had an ability to see 'the beautiful' in every soul," she was not a typically judgmental person. And everyone loved her, she was good with everyone. Lily's parents are proud to have such a talented daughter, but her sister Petunia despises Lily for her magical abilities, seeing her as a freak. In the start of the first book , we learn that Vernon and Petunia have largely cut the Potters out of their family tree.

We learn that she met James Potter in Hogwarts, and although she leaves the impression that she dislikes him because he behaves like an arrogant bully, they eventually fall in love with each other, get married, and have a son, Harry. As a member of the Order of the Phoenix that opposes Voldemort, we are told that she, with her husband, confronts him three times, and manages to escape. She seems to have cherished her son, Harry, as she sacrificed her own life to protect him from Voldemort, refusing to stand aside.

On those occasions when her shade was brought back, she said that she was proud of him and loved him. Lily Evans Potter is seen as kind and caring person who stands up to bullies, including Lord Voldemort.

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Her friendship with Severus Snape was a close one, though Lily never loved Severus; this friendship ended when Severus called her a "mudblood", the most discriminatory name in the Wizarding world. Even though Lily ended the friendship at that point, Severus still promised Albus Dumbledore "anything" in return for protecting her when Voldemort targeted her small son.

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Knowing about the restrictions on magic done by students out of school , readers may be surprised by Petunia's assertion in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone that Lily was always bringing home frog spawn and doing magic at home. We must bear Petunia's anti-magic bias in mind here, of course. It premiered on Broadway at the St. James Theatre on 25 April and closed on 3 January after performances. The musical, set in , tells of a young English girl, Mary, who is forced to move to England from colonial India when her parents die in a cholera outbreak.

There she lives with her emotionally stunted Uncle Archibald and her invalid cousin. Discovering a hidden and neglected garden, and bravely overcoming dark forces, she and a young gardener bring it back to life at the same time as she brings new life to her cousin and uncle. The set resembled an enormous Victorian toy theatre with pop-out figures, large paper dolls, and Joseph Cornell-like collage elements.