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Evolution of cell shape uploaded on bioRxiv. Job opening at Depixus.

Fast AFM Probes Measure Multiple Properties Of Biomolecules Or Materials Simultaneously

Anisotropic cellular forces support mechanical integrity of the Stratum Corneum barrier. Request new password.

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Content under a Creative Commons License — Please report any bug to our webmaster. Reversible unfolding of individual titin immunoglobulin domains by AFM M. Gaub Science, , Yaneva, T. Kowalewski, M. Ku proteins join DNA fragments as shown by atomic force microscopy D. Pang, S. Yoo, W. Dynan, M. Jung, A. Dritschilo Cancer. Cryo-atomic force microscopy of smooth muscle myosin Y. Zhang, Z. Shao, A. Somlyo, A. Somlyo Biophys. Allen, E. Bradbury, R. Balhorn Nucleic Acids Res. Smith, D. Gallie, H. Le, P.

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Structural and morphological characterization of ultralente insulin crystals by atomic force microscopy: evidence of hydrophobically driven assembly C. DeFelippis, B. Frank, M.

DNA Mechanics Gets Cold

Brader, M. Atomic force microscopy of crystalline insulins: the influence of sequence variation on crystallization and interfacial structure C. DeFelippis, M. Atomic force microscopy detects changes in the interaction forces between GroEL and substrate proteins A. Vinckier, P. Gervasoni, F. Zaugg, U. Ziegler, P. Lindner, P. Groscurth, A. Pluckthun, G. Semenza Biophys. Imaging two-dimensional arrays of soluble proteins by atomic force microscopy in contact mode using a sharp supertip T. Furuno, H.

Sasabe, A. Ikegami Ultramicroscopy, 70 3, The mechanical stability of immunoglobulin and fibronectin III domains in the muscle protein titin measured by atomic force microscopy M. Gautel, A. Schemmel, H. Gaub Biophys. Mapping a protein-binding site on straightened DNA by atomic force microscopy H.

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1. Introduction

Parizotto Appl. Fibrous long spacing collagen ultrastructure elucidated by atomic force microscopy M. Paige, J. Rainey, M. Goh Biophys. Binding contribution between synaptic vesicle membrane and plasma membrane proteins in neurons: an AFM study K. Sritharan, A. Quinn, D.

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Taatjes, B. Jena Cell. Reviakine, W. Bergsma-Schutter, A.

An introduction to biomolecules

Brisson J. Thyroid stimulating hormone assays based on the detection of gold conjugates by scanning force microscopy A. Perrin, A.