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She explains that she kept her identity a secret while she determined whether they and their families would accept her. He refuses to forgive Terese when Matt reveals that she has been scheming to drive Paige out of Erinsborough. Terese later drops the charges against Paige.

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Brad admits that he and Lauren kissed while they were in Adelaide. Terese struggles with Brad's betrayal and becomes jealous when he spends time with Lauren and Paige. Terese and Brad's marriage becomes so strained, Terese moves into the hotel and they consider a permanent separation. Terese's old boss Ezra Hanley Steve Nation comes to town and Brad is jealous of the time they spend together. Brad later learns from Terese that she almost kissed Ezra and that she had to physically force him to leave her room. Brad asks her to work on their marriage and she agrees.

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After Ezra is assaulted, Brad becomes the prime suspect and is arrested, but the charges are dropped when Gary Canning Damien Richardson confesses. Brad makes a surfboard in the Men's Shed, and Terese and Paige urge him to make it a full-time business. Karl Kennedy Alan Fletcher accidentally drinks the chemical catalyst that Brad was using, and he suffers bad burns to the throat, leading to tension between Brad and Susan Kennedy Jackie Woodburne. Lauren confides in Brad about Matt's corruption, and he later discovers from Terese that Matt has cheated on Lauren.

He confronts him and they argue in the road. Matt is struck by a car, having pushed Brad out of its path moments before. Matt asks Brad to look after Lauren and he dies, causing Brad to blame himself.

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Ezra returns and his son Clem Max Whitelaw joins Brad's class. Brad gives Clem a detention when he makes remarks about Ezra's row with Terese. Later Brad is suspended for looking at the contents of Clem's phone.

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While Terese is in Canada, Brad and Lauren end up drinking together and fall asleep on the sofa. They both feel guilty and Terese is hurt when it is Lauren that tells her, not Brad.

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Terese accuses Paige of trying to get Lauren and Brad together, which she confesses to. Brad and Lauren acknowledge that they have feelings for each other. Seeing that Terese is drinking a lot, Brad suggests they take part in an Alcohol-free August. Terese has drink within days of starting, and Sheila Canning Colette Mann suggests to Brad that Terese has an alcohol problem.

Terese agrees to get help, but lies to her family about attending Alcoholics Anonymous. When Brad finds out, they argue, and Brad leaves the house. Brad confesses his feelings to Lauren and they have sex. They agree not to tell Terese when they learn that she is serious about getting help for her alcoholism. However, Terese finds out and she and Brad separate, with Brad moving into a motel. Brad and Terese's youngest child, Piper Mavournee Hazel , returns home from Canada during a family argument. Brad stays with Lauren while he looks for his own place, but when they become a couple, he moves in permanently.

They organise a sleep-out protest at the school, but a fire engulfs the building. Brad finds Lauren and Terese trapped under some lockers and he manages to free Lauren, before promising to return for Terese. Terese survives with burns, and Lauren breaks up with Brad so he can help Terese recover. However Lauren and Brad eventually get back together, and he moves in with her.

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He also decides to become Doug's carer when Pam cannot look after him any longer. Brad is nominated for Erinsborough Citizen of the Year for his outreach program, but the venue, Lassiter's Hotel, explodes before the ceremony. Josh dies after he is pinned beneath a support column, devastating Brad. Hours later Brad is reunited with his eldest son, Ned, before Doug collapses and dies. Brad wins Citizen of the Year, but at the presentation the drone footage of him kissing Lauren is played, embarrassing Brad.

Ned later admits he submitted the footage. Ned develops feelings for Lauren and kisses her, though regrets it and convinces her to keep quiet. When Piper finds out, she forces them to confess to Brad, who is devastated.

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Ned leaves, and Brad and Lauren's relationship is strained for a while. Brad's Blaze Outreach program is forced to move from the Community Centre after some of the boys are photographed vandalising the property and drinking. They move Blaze Outreach into the empty Off Air bar. Brad and Terese hold a divorce party, where he proposes to Lauren.

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She turns down his first proposal, but accepts the second. Ned returns, but assures Brad that he is over Lauren. He gives Brad a tattooed wedding ring. The Blaze Outreach program loses sponsors and Aaron suggests that Brad introduce vocational training to the program. Brad collapses and is hospitalised.

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His condition deteriorates and he fears for his life, so he asks Terese to take over Maxine's payments. Karl discovers Brad has been poisoned with arsenic, which was added to Ned's tattoo ink. Maxine asks for more money and threatens to tell everyone the truth, but Brad refuses to pay. Brad and Lauren marry. Immediately afterwards Lauren learns of Brad's secret payments to Maxine.

Following Ned's arrest for arson, Brad and Lauren cancel their honeymoon to stay around to support Ned. After Ned completes his community service, he moves to the Gold Coast for a new job and Brad is saddened to lose him again. He goes with Ned to help him settle in, returning a few weeks later. Brad and Lauren then learn that their granddaughter Matilda is ill and her mother, Lauren's daughter Amber Jenna Rosenow , had to quit her job to look after her. Lauren and Brad decide to sell up and move to the Gold Coast to join them and to be closer to Ned. After a farewell barbecue, they drive out of Ramsay Street with their family and friends wishing them luck.

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Remember him? He was the Erinsborough surf hunk with a board for a brain. Diana Hollingsworth of Soaplife said Brad "wasn't too hot in the brains department and hadn't sussed that Beth was in love — with him. She wrote "It would have to be the Willis family. All of them. Come the big day, with friends and family assembled on the beach, Brad decided the time was right to reveal he'd been playing around.