Manual Poetry and Commitment

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This paper attempts to study these two poets, their innovation in the use of language and oral poetic techniques, and their contributions to African poetry in terms of themes and techniques of presentation. On the whole, for both poets, the skillful adaptation and use of indigenous African Oral poetic techniques has helped to improve their craft, their effectiveness as masses-oriented poets, as well as their vision.

Friday a. Handle: RePEc:asi:ijellsp as. Corrections All material on this site has been provided by the respective publishers and authors. Louis Fed. Help us Corrections Found an error or omission? Picked this up in City Lights over the weekend and read it on the plane home today. This passage stuck with me:"I hope never to idealize poetry--it has suffered enough from that. Poetry is not a Poetry and Commitment. It may destroy you,. But you are making the world a saner place.

For the daughters that follow. On the other hand, the writing may be well-researched and compiled through long drawn out and painstaking effort. This is without doubt. A writer is not all that she writes. She may write on new and unfamiliar topics, but ones that are well-researched. Whatever she writes and does; what must be remembered is that facts cannot be skimmed over or brushed aside.

Then the facts had to be sorted out and compiled to be presented in a coherent way. It required time and effort; since it was a subject I had not done in-depth study on earlier.

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The writer could write in any form — poems, creative non-fiction, fiction, short stories, and personal essays, and on anything under the sun. She could write on current issues confronting the world — Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan, the changing world scenario — and generate feelings of hate or tolerance, love or revulsion, anger or anguish.

Norman Cousins stated that "the writer, perhaps more than any of his fellow artists, has access to the human subconscious. His words sink deep, shaping dreams, easing the pain of loneliness, nourishing great anticipations, sharpening the instinct for justice, and imparting respect for the fragility of life. These functions are essential for human evolution.

Without them, civilisation becomes brittle and breaks easily. The word has great power. Words can make you smile, laugh, or cry. Consider this excerpt from my article on what men want:. Was he voicing every man's fantasy? Every man, old or young, rich or poor, wants to possess the "piece de resistance," epitomised by the wine drinking, cigarette smoking, cleavage showing baby doll in the movies, who hangs on to his arm, flutters her false eyelashes and calls him "darling"! This paragraph should make you react in some way: smile, a frown, raised eyebrows-something!

Therein lies the power. Writing has the power to change the thinking and the course of civilisation. She told women "Freedom is fragile and must be protected. To sacrifice it, even a temporary measure, is to betray it. With her words, a writer tells the world many things. Therefore, it becomes incumbent upon her to realise the power she wields. It leaves its imprint not only on paper, but also on the mind of the reader.

As she draws the reader into her world, opens new doors, shows a different perspective, and reveals vignettes of life, perhaps hitherto unknown or disregarded, she must do so without misusing the power vested in her. That is the writer's responsibility to society. AP: I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. It is like a call for an entire community if you make it yours. In your career you have also presented papers on unplanned urbanisation in Berlin and represented India in Paris , speaking on the impact of World Trade Organization's negotiations on small farmers in India.

Teaching: The pains of poetry and political commitment

AI: To get out of the morass of obscurity and non-existence, education is the only answer. This is especially required for women, and this is my strong belief. But not only women, men require education as well, to get rid of the frustrations of not having knowledge and means to move upwards. It is a known fact of course that whatever provisions the government makes for the underprivileged get siphoned off by the middle men, those with political and social clout, and nothing reaches those for whom it was initially intended.

So corruption has to go.

For this, people with ethics and compassion are required. In other words, the younger generation, with ideas for sharing their knowledge and time, need to enter politics and the corridors of power.

But we are talking ideals here. In real life, it is so much tougher to do all this and so many people with ideals fall by the roadside when the bigger muscles show off their clout. Yet, the idea is not to give up but keep making the required dents so that finally the existing structure gives way to a new one.

Of course, new thinking and vision is required, and that can only be brought about by injecting the commitment of the young into solving the problems of population, unemployment, lack of facilities and rabid corruption. And we need education, for education is the way out of poverty and oblivion.

Coming to the issue of caste, the privileges no longer belong to the higher castes, because the lower castes have reservations made in their favour. In fact, this kind of counter-favouritism has resulted in many people getting into positions for which they are not qualified, and this creates problems of its own.

African Poetry and the Question of Commitment

I have come across professors of history who know nothing of history and students who get seats in good institutes because they belong to the lower caste, but they are not so deserving of this, and hence take the place of someone else that, because he was of the general caste category, did not get the seat.

Such reservations are dangerous, for now every caste, even the Jats this has been in the news recently , who are not of the lower caste, are squatting on rail tracks and disrupting movement of trains in the North, agitating to belong to the reserved Other Backward Classes category. Very soon, there will be only a majority of reserved seats and hardly any general seats and then a classification of this reserved category will begin. Who is the lowest of the low, caste wise, seems to be having a greater value attached to it today because of this game of reservations.

At the same time, if you are born to a higher caste, you automatically get respect, which is weird, for where have you earned this respect? But you lose out on the privileges, even if you have worked hard to get them. For example, medical seats in prestigious colleges are often denied to deserving students of a general category because a percentage of the seats are "reserved". So caste dynamics are strange and have created their own topsy-turvy scenario. In all this, the basic problems are not addressed. We could talk endlessly on this, but there is no one set and correct answer.

However, the only answer for me has always been education of all, right down to the grass-roots level, and this means cutting across such swathes of the in-between.

Poetry and Commitment has been added

We have village schools where there are no blackboards, the teachers never come, I am sure you have heard all this. Commitment is needed for bringing change, and a strong back. Something like your performance on the winter night in Sattal, bearing the onslaught of the wind and the cold but carrying on despite the hardships. That is commitment, and that is what is needed. Only the young can give it. When I speak to people, I am sometimes against a dead-end.