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Envelope from Libourne t Envelope from Libourne to Paris,. France "Bordeaux" Issue1c. Signed Calves. For more information please view Terms and Conditions for Buyers.

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Fine and scarce. Spink Maury 39j. France "Bordeaux" Issue2c. A very rare and desirable stamp, which is usually missing in classic collections of France, being even more difficult to find with the design so clear after having been cancelled. Photocopy of Calves certificate France "Bordeaux" Issue4c. An extremely rare, exceptional and fine single franking on cover. Brun certificate , signed Calves.

France "Bordeaux" Issue10c. A very rare usage of this cancellation in conjunction with this issue; besides, usages of Paris on this issue are rare. Signed Roumet. Spink Maury 43a. Spink Maury 29II, 43e.

Les Marques

For more information please view Terms and Cond Signed Calves and Von der Weid. Spink Maury 43e, var. France "Bordeaux" Issue20c.

Calves and Roumet certificates , signed J. Brun and Lamy. Roumet certificate , signed Lamy, G. An exceedingly scarce and desirable usage of the "Bordeaux" issue from Constantinople. A very prominent plate flaw. Spink Maury 46II, var. France "Bordeaux" Issue30c. Brun certificate , signed A. Brun and Calves. France "Bordeaux" Issue80c. A quintessential combination of beauty in a classic stamp.

Calves and Roumet certificates , signed A. France "Bordeaux" Issue "Bordeaux" Issue, assembly of seventy-one stamps, including 1c.

Comptes commerciaux

See our website for a full range of scans of this lot. A very rare and delightful usage. Calves and Roumet certificates Superb in every respects. Calves certificate A very fine and rare franking to pay the double rate within the same postal district.

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PhotoSubject to A small but attractive and useful assembly. Highly appealing. Signed Baudot and Calves. France First Issue, January 1st. Envelope from Libourne to Paris, charged "2", showing a neat c. France First Issue10c. A delightful example of this scarce usage. Calves certificate , signed Brun.

Brun certificate , signed Roumet. France First Issue15c. Signed Jamet. Calves certificate , signed Roumet. Roumet certificate , signed Calves. France First Issue20c. Cancelled by neat strike of Bourmont? Signed B. For m A very fine example of this scarcer datestamp on the first day of French franked philately. Signed Baudot. Superb, a very rare usage of this datestamp within the five first days of issue. For more information please view Terms and Conditi Spink Maury 3. Calves certificate , signed Enzo Diena. Spink Maury T3.

Behr and Roumet. Papadopoulos certificate France First Issue25c. A very prominent and certainly rare variety. Spink Maury 4. A very rare and extraordinary usage in the first issue. France First Issue40c. Signed G. France First Issue1fr. A very rare usage on a fresh entire. Signed Fournier. An exceptional example of this attractive shade on cover. Papadopoulos certificate , signed Brun. Superb and rare, highly desirable for the discerning collector. Brun and Calves certificates. A very appealing example of this famous franking on cover, this being enhanced by its wonderful freshness, of essential significance in the advanced collection of classic France.

PhotoThe Very fine and scarce.

Signed Bloch. An eye-catching example, undoubtedly very rare in this quality. Roumet certificate , signed Calves and Roumet. Of great visual impact, representing a very rare multiple. A superb and highly desirable example of this difficult rarity. This unissued stamp was devised for the projected change of colour of 9 March Pin hole in sheet margin of no significance, superb in every respect, in a magnificent condition for the demanding collector of high quality, which must be considerably appreciated in a stamp Very desirable.


Fournier certificate for all but the 1fr. France First IssueFits Issue assembly, forty-four stamps, including 10c. A very useful assembly, chiefly in fine to very fine condition. France Imperforate "Empire" Issue1c. France Imperforate "Empire" Issue10c.

A superb example of this infrequent usage in blue. France Imperforate "Empire" Issue25c. A rare combination of postmarks associated with this attractive and unusual multiple on cover.