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Certificate programs include entry- and high-level leadership programs, including a technology-specific leadership course. The instructor-led courses are held online and take, on average, two weeks to complete.

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  • 1. Leadership training courses help build self confidence and wisdom!

The Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University offers several leadership programs across various industries. You can take courses in topics such as organizational consulting and change leadership, strategic diversity and inclusion management and leadership coaching. These programs require anywhere from four to eight courses over the span of four to eight months, depending on the program you choose.

Harvard University offers a range of online leadership courses — some are even free. You can register for courses online and each course requires a different time commitment depending on the subject. Some are short, wrapping up in three weeks, while others require up to a week commitment. The executive certificate is offered in management and leadership, strategy and innovation and technology, operations and value chain management. Most students complete the certificate within one year, but you will have to complete the three programs within four years to qualify for the certificate.

Courses in the program cover global strategic management, strategic leadership, strategy implementation and organizational change. The university promises that the course will prepare you for executive leadership, arming you with the right combination of soft skills and strategic thinking.

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Each course takes around six hours to complete, and the entire program can be completed with 48 hours of total work. Courses cover topics such as strategic decision making, negotiation skills, leading organizational change, leading collaborative teams, credible leadership and quality excellence. Southern New Hampshire University offers an online graduate certificate in Six Sigma that will help prepare you for your Six Sigma black belt certification exam.

Six Sigma is a staple in leadership — as you climb the ranks and earn higher-level belts, you gain more responsibilities and have mentees that rely on you to help them learn more about Six Sigma leadership. If your business relies on Six Sigma as a leadership methodology, this course will help get you ready to pass the highest designation levels in Six Sigma.

Courses are typically 11 weeks long and classes meet one night a week — but never on Fridays — with the option for a few online and hybrid courses. If you want to keep going after you earn your certificate, credits from completed courses in the certificate program can transfer over to an Iowa MBA through the Professional MBA Program. The UC Davis Graduate School of Management offers an eight-week online Leadership Program that will help you gain the skills you need to be a strong leader.

Course modules cover topics such as situational leadership, leading change, leading teams, leading in crisis and valuable communication skills.

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The program is designed for leaders who want to further develop managerial skills, those interested in learning about the situational leadership model and anyone else in a position where they need to hone leadership skills. The programs cover topics such as executive leadership and supervisory development. A face-to-face, off-site leadership program gives you needed space and dedicated time to address your goals and challenges.

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You can also share with your boss these 4 reasons in-person development is so effective. Leadership development is a way to learn what is needed to manage yourself thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and actions and to work with others interpersonal skills, the ability to build and maintain relationships, the ability to build effective work groups, and communication skills, to name a few — all while operating within the larger system.

When you continually develop in these areas, you become more effective. But boss support is crucial. Managerial support for your development as a leader can fuel engagement, energy, and a willingness to stay.

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Research shows all employees, at every level, want to gain new skills, add credentials, and boost their capabilities. Investing in leadership impacts both the individual and the larger organization. Join a community of people who recognize the importance of leadership development. Join Sign In.

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