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How do I User create a new topic 2. Can the topics be categorised? How do I make the forum topics the landing page 4. If you can, please explain to me how the forum works. Hi, please use our support site for any theme technical related questions. Google Chrome icons missing — hi, the icons are showing correctly in Safari and IE, but Google Chrome only shows boxes.

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Very weird — any idea why? Hi, try clearing some cache. Please use our support site for any theme technical related questions. Hello, our NGO is in search of a theme that can add a showcase of projects that aim at the development of our cities. You could create the portfolio items from admin area and assign it to author users.

Right now there is no way for users to add their portfolio items but only articles with the help of Social Articles plugin. Maybe use the above stated plugin and let users add posts that also support categories. Small question before buying: users are forced to pay to create a user profile? No they are not forced. IF you want memberships, but that is also optional, they need to register first and then apply for a membership.

I am building a community with buddypress and would like the option to follow for users to view the posts of other users on their dashboard. You can do this with your theme? FCM Purchased. Forum is a different functionality also available in Kleo that comes from bbPress plugin.

The Road to Andrikor

I am looking to use this template and integrate Paid Memberships Pro. I am wanting to have some pictures and links when new members first sign up and login. Is this possible? Am I able to customize what my new members see once they sign up and create an account? I am talking about when they login and see their BuddyPress Profile. If I use Paid Membership Pro and have a free trial available and my new members sign up, will they automatically be logged into the Buddy Press Profile section?

How does everything work while using Paid Membership Pro? Do you have some more info on utilizing Paid Membership Pro and your Template or a video or something? How much can I personalize also when new members login? A: Is it possible to edit or change these icons visisble when new users login? B: Is it possible to create a new tab and input my own information?

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Basically, with my business I provide my members with graphics and videos to use and download. I also have a few other websites that they will have access to and I simply want to provide them with access to links to those other websites once they are logged in, and also if possible, I want them to be able to see all the graphics and videos I will provide for them.

Buddypress profile by default shows the user activity. With the help of some plugins or custom work you can make another page and customize it. Users register the normal way and then they need to apply for a membership. You define the levels and apply restrictions based on those levels. Those tabs are buddypress functionality by default and others like Media come from plugins like rtMedia.

They are automagically generated. I want to add members only by sending them invitation , not by making them purchase membership, is this possible? Is there any way to restrict content by specific users , not by user role? To make user specific restrictions you need to search a plugin to do that. I came across some issues during installation and would like to contact you the author.

I have tried many times. However, to register with the purchase code is the only way I could seek help from you. And I find no other ways to contact you. Therefore I need your assistance. If you see this message please email me or provide a support email address so that I can be in touch with you. Hi, please give me your purchase code by email. I am using Mailster plugin for newsletters with Kleo theme. I have configured the extended profile fields in Kleo. The issue is that I have given the instructions in the mailster plugin that the details provided in the newsletter should sync with the user database extended fields.

I am unable to find the meta data for the extended fields in the mailster plugin. Not sure whether this is issue from your theme or from mailster plugin so I have informed the author of mailster also. Try to talk with the developer of the plugin. Scorpyons Purchased. I should use this on functions. How can I change the url of the login link so I can include the other plugin link?

Here is a screenshot of the issue:. I would like to remove the HTMLs on the pages as described on the beggining of the post, and would be great if I could change the url link.

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You missed some quotes there on the code, here is the one to add to functions. How can I disable Geodirectory scripts from all pages? I just need to load the scripts only in Geodirectory page. Am interested in this theme but wanted to know if its possible to host files tasks to be read and create forms on this site that are tied to and are specific to a logged in user. To clarify, could this theme be used as an on-boarding tool before a customer goes away on a project…so that they log in, read materials, fill in and submit forms etc and then blog and communicate with other group members using the buddypress functionality…ideally they would see a task list.

Hello, a plugin that can add that functionality will be your best options. Other than that all the social functionality is there. I want to use only bbpress and buddypress template for my site because my site is using another wp theme. Is there any way to use bbpress and buddypress independently? It allows you to have multiple sites under a directory or subdomain and share the same users.

You can install Kleo as a new site available in a subdirectory and use it just for the community and forums. Rodrigosrey Purchased.


HI, visibility can be change for specific fields and not the whole profile. See your Profile — Edit section.

I need only those who have login can view and interact in groups, messages, etc …. Thank you. Hello, you can use BP restrict plugin to restrict access to BuddyPress pages. The description of what I need is a membership 2 different levels website with forum. Also, is it possible to have these same users tied into a map? I see in one of your demos you have a map and you support a map plugin but is that tied into the memberships?

Sorted mine.

Oh it still does on your 2. Top stuff keep up the good work.

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From what I have heard, this is common from multipools when they switch coins. However, this is literally happening almost every minutes and reduces my hash rate to almost half of the norm at times. Is there any way to avoid this? Pandaisftw PS: Love the new site look! Sorry, I was restarting the stratum proxy a few times tonight as I worked on a few things.

I only got half of today's payouts out today - i will send the rest early tomorow morning. Legendary Offline Activity: Merit: Hey Guys! I am seriously impressed by this procect paradigmflux has put together there and I want to participate. My issue is a lack of time. Can you throw out some numbers regarding hashing power?