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The three day convention celebrates pop culture with a retro vibe, from Old Time Radio to popular, beloved celebrities from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Don't have a Kindle? No problem! Download the free Kindle App and you can read the first Bertram Welles adventure on any device! With commentary by David J. Skal, and Ted Newsom. Hosted by Mark Redfield.

Vampire Hunters 2

I'm remembering my friend, actor Robert Quarry, on the anniversary of his birth, 3 November, Bob was a strong actor, an exceptionally intelligent man, a brilliant storyteller, and a loving, true friend. This new series of novels, graphic novels, audio plays and audio novellas was created by Stuart Voytilla and me.

We hope you like your vampires vicious and deadly, because that's how we plan to serve them up to our hero Bertram Welles! Tweets by BertramWelles. Would you like to Contribute a story or idea? While this would result in the virtual extinction of the kindred, the kindred and other supernatural races that would inevitably get dragged in would do a lot of damage on the way out. Because of modern animation and special effect technology, it would be hard to convince people vampires are real even with one tied up on camera.

Vampire hunters at this point would have to record vampires killing people. And not just any people, famous people. Otherwise people would call it fake or part of a prank or government conspiracy. This excerpt from the Camarilla Sourcebooks answers your question. That's really interesting!

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As you can probably tell, I'm not an expert on the WoD lore, but I'm really willing to delve deeper, as from what I've seen so far it's really awesome, and this particular excerpt is no exception. I really like how they handle politics too, as it was seen in this excerpt, introducing them into the lore in a natural way, not trying to force their own personal political agendas down their consumer's throats. I think most hunters don't really know what they are doing.

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter (1974)

Those that do are really few and far between. When you are an older vampire, you probably know how to keep your head down whenever someone dangerous comes around. They will get bored or die.

You can wait them out. As long as they don't get too close to something that could blow everyone's cover. Then that is what neonates are for, doing the dangerous stuff that you don't want to. You underestimate the power of denial Consensus. Kindred are not affected by Consensus, and out of story mixing splats like that is never a good idea.

Mage Metaphysics are not compatible with Vamp Metaphysics are not compatible with Werewolf Metaphysics. There are a number of answers that work well enough without involving anything as narratively problematic as declaring Mage Objectively Correct. I think it was better explained in the werewolf series as 'the veil', wherein most people explain away whatever supernatural thing they've witnessed. UFO conspiracy a and flat earth folks may be legitimate, but you wouldnt believe them. The only way to explain it is that the media is run by vampires lol.

In Tokyo Ghoul, the govt agency tasked with hunting down ghouls was secretly run by ghouls themselves.

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Which made the ghouls they were hunting rebel ghouls. I didnt finish that season. So I wasnt sure what the motivation was to hunt down their own. Can you imagine what would happen if you went public with incontrovertible proof? Global panic.

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Markets would crash. Nations would declare war on each other, wanting to blame someone for this.

Last Podcast On The Left: Episode The Vampire Hunters of Highgate Cemetery

There would be internal purges that make the Night of Long Knives look like a back-alley mugging. Every militia group or doomsday cult would swell in size and power and have carte blanche to go after these things. People would be staking their neighbors in their beds, burning down houses and what not in a hysteria orders of magnitude worse than Salem. Then you'd have the divide.

There would be a minority who is pro-Vampire either out of genuine feeling or because they were ghouls or bloodbound. The more rabid anti-Vampers would see them all as traitors or servants of the Vampires. That's the real fear, not that vampires can drink your blood, but that you don't know who they are and how deeply they've infiltrated what you know and manipulated you and everyone. The paranoia would be apocalyptic. Most people wouldn't know anything about how vampires actually are, so whatever folklore or things people saw on TV would become 'fact'.

Mirrors being put up everywhere. Garlic sales go through the roof. Silver is worth more per ounce that gold. People are suddenly flocking to churches, hoping holy ground and symbols will protect them.