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For this sparkling collection, bestseller Camilleri A Beam of Light selected 21 of his 59 published stories featuring Chief Insp.

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The title tale, one of the longest and most satisfying, is the only one At the start of bestseller Camilleri's robust 12th Inspector Montalbano mystery after 's The Wings of the Sphinx , the Sicilian inspector looks out his window and sees the carcass of a horse on the beach. The animal, he discovers, has been The irritable Sicilian detective's first challenge is to figure out a way to Camilleri's agreeable 15th Insp.

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The image hovers in his mind during First published in , this bawdy little gem from the author of the Inspector Montalbano series Treasure Hunt, etc. Both personal and professional problems confound Insp.

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First, Salvatore di Marta, the owner of the biggest supermarket in Camilleri's gripping seventh Inspector Montalbano mystery after 's The Smell of the Night successfully integrates serious political themes with a hero reminiscent of Colin Dexter's beloved Inspector Morse. Frustrated by his An intricate plot and a large cast of memorable characters help lift the sixth Inspector Montalbano mystery from Camilleri The Snack Thief , etc. When a ragioniere financier disappears with millions of lire after defrauding many investors in a.

Urbane Sicilian police inspector Salvo Montalbano, whose exploits have sold more than four million copies in Europe, makes his long overdue U. When two garbage Camilleri's agreeable eighth contemporary police procedural featuring the crotchety but insightful Inspector Montalbano finds the Italian detective at home in Marinella enjoying the ministrations of his wife, Livia, after he was shot by a child Bestseller Camilleri's sublime and darkly humorous 11th whodunit featuring Chief Insp. Salvo Montalbano after 's August Heat finds the year-old Sicilian policeman in the midst of a serious crisis with his significant other, Livia.

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Happily, Grover Gardner eschews even a hint of an Italian accent in narrating the 11th installment of this series celebrating the life, loves, and investigations of the charmingly eccentric Sicilian Insp. Salvo Montalbano. Nearly every word in this Europa PRH, dist. Bestselling and award-winning Italian author Camilleri the Inspector Montalbano series offers a marvelous historical drama based on a true but little-known episode of 17th-century Sicilian history.

In , Sicily is ruled by Spain. When the Andrea Camillieri, trans. Nicotra, the chief accountant Europa PGW, dist. Camilleri, best known for his popular Inspector Montalbano mysteries, offers a vivid historical novel based on the true story of the five Sacco brothers who fought the violence of the Mafia, the treachery of the fascists, and the corruption of the I buy every Inspector Silvio Montalbano mystery as soon as they come out in the US even if it takes me awhile to review them.

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In The Wings of the Sphinx, Montalbano must solve a rather grisly murder while still having relationship issues with his longtime, long distance love, Livia. At 56 years old Montalbano is feeling his age.

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Camilleri continues to take undisguised swipes at Silvio Berlusconi. Though I would be inclined to miss many of the subtleties the author thoughtfully includes notes at the back of the book to help his non-Italian readers.

The mystery in The Wings of the Sphinx revolves around the discovery of the body of a young woman who has been shot in the face and left naked in the city dump. Montalbano leaves the scene of the crime as quickly as he gets there unable to deal with the death of yet another young victim. The Inspector Montalbano books have been turned into a television series in Italy.

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Now they are available in a US compatible format. I just ordered a set and hope to be able to watch them and review them soon.

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Starred Review. Montalbano is uncertain what he can and should do to repair the rift that has developed between them.