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Other items included a collection of open books — the pages of all of which were blank — a mirror framed in ivory which reflected another room, a fragile-looking instrument resembling a strangely curving flute, and many others besides. Though he did recognise a few items. Here lay a fork of the kind spirifers used to extract loosely-tethered souls, and there was a wax-preserved human face that could only be a snuffer's mask. In the far end of the room was a stuffed, inky black cat with blue eyes that seemed to follow him across the room, and in the corner stood a cage housing a ghastly pale sorrow spider.

Illumination was provided by a dozen foxfire candles spread haphazardly across the chamber, and a fireplace with only smouldering embers remaining. An old, faded carpet with a strangely geometrical series of burn marks stretched across the floor. A pair of comfortable-looking armchairs faced each other at the end of the room.

As he watched, his host took seat in one and indicated for his guest to take the other.

The newcomer sat down and first then did he get a proper look at the person he had come to meet. He was in his early middle-age, with hair and beard neatly styled, and impeccably dressed in a handsome suit the exact shade of a blue rose at night and gloves of dark velvet. A gold ring crested by a spider adorned the middle finger of his left hand. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of opaque cat-eye spectacles, the gold-tinted lenses of which flashed eerily like remembered sunshine in the half-light.

The newcomer cleared his throat uncomfortably. He didn't like being here. You are the Tallyman, are you not? The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. A smile? A sneer? What can I do for you, detective?

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The detective took his reluctantly. His host started sipping his drink. I know things. Isn't that why you are here? You seek knowledge of something He recognised the sweetly fecund taste, honeyed rose-tea, likely imported from the southern reaches of the Unterzee, perhaps even the Elder Continent. I have just been cleaned. The detective almost dropped it in shock. That particular one I got from a zailor at half price.

He said it wouldn't stop insulting his mother. The Tallyman slowly sipped his tea; his own cup seemed delighted. The detective tried to relax, before pulling out a photo from his inner breast-pocket and handing it to his host. It was dark, but showed a slender woman wearing some manner of close-fitting outfit that seemed to slip from memory the moment you looked away. All but a suggestion of an alluring face was obscured by a devilish fedora and the angle of the shot. A near-invisible cat stalked in her wake, its fur black as sin.

But in any case she is a criminal. The Tallyman sighed. This is truer than ever since the Fall. The young lady here may not abide by the law, but she is something quite beyond a mere thief, or murderer. You have chosen an enigmatic subject. I will require a payment in knowledge or memory. What he had to do was against both the law and his own personal code. Removal of a horn from his shoulder, right elbow and left leg. I much prefer the smoother pads, allows me to put some of the old school transfers on!

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    Feel free to comment any thoughts below! Loving this unique profile , in a world of cookies crosses its nice to see a strain selected for a not the normal cookies terps and looks. Sometimes you just need more flail. With a 5th picked up with the Space Marine Heroes range, I needed one more to make 6 2 per squad.

    Guide Too Late The Tallyman

    Just got to get them painted up, along with the Spartan, oh and finishing off the Morty touch ups This cross is gas, fruits and funk and not to be missed. Flowering week 2. Another round of the Tallyman , Sweetmints , and SherbValley. Due to repairs from the battle last night The Inceptor flew very unhappily over the borders of the battlefield and broke into 5 pieces, before the game even started I recognised what progress ive made in a year. Nearly finished this book. Highly recommend it. Really helped motivate me to pick my deathguard back up and get painting. Thinking the darkimperium series next to keep the 14th Legion love going.

    Oh what a day. What a glorious day. Obviously not the weather, that's shite. But I have got four of the six Deathguard Heroes built and de horned.

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    The Champion and the Icon Bearer need a bit more work of chopping and filling. Not going to have chance to paint them anytime soon, but at least they are built. And 'beautiful' models to. Also the first bare head in my Deathguard army! Because frankly, it's amazing. Well after just two short weeks, we welcomed home Talan and united the Rogo family!!

    Congratulations to Canada for electing their first ever black prime minister. That is why he keeps them in jars.

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    A real avian does not speak. Its long beak is designed to peck the eyes from hanged corpses, not to form syllables. But Countquick speaks. Even after many centuries, Philemon still finds this unsettling to watch. There is a great blasphemy in the display, one that he cannot quite shake from his mind despite the many other blasphemies he has either committed or witnessed.

    A crow should not speak like a man.