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And being patient has its limits. However, his remarks indicate discomfort with more radical tactics in achieving it, reducing them to petulant zeal and not a legitimate strategy among the broad scope of tools needed to dismantle oppressive systems. While discussing Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King as examples of patient progress, he freezes them in time. Over time King became more radicalized and questioned integration. Or go back further: despite the negotiations and patience of abolitionists in the s, it was a steady stream of black uprisings, and an entire civil war, that gave abolition laws and the Emancipation Proclamation any teeth.

Pragmatic approaches can coexist with more radical politics. Obama is committed to a notion of reaching across the aisle that may have seemed necessary in , but not so much in The labor movement is experiencing more worker strikes now than in the past 40 years. But Obama has not accepted this evolution. As people demand universal policies for basic needs of shelter, food, freedom from police terror, and economic security, and when wealth inequality is the worst in a century, Obama has to reckon with his own questions.

How is his form of calling out — scolding black, young and progressive movements — bringing about change? Is he part of the solution or part of the problem? For many Americans, the normalization of genuinely leftwing policies is providing the hope and change Obama campaigned on. This is the time for him to finally help achieve it. Play Video.

Topics Barack Obama Opinion. US politics comment. Highlights from his last presidential speech. Plus, the Biden bromance. This is Joe Biden's favorite Obama-Biden meme. The Obama family. Wife Michelle. Michelle Obama's evolving style. Daughters Malia and Sasha. The most recent stories. Cuba Fast Facts. Robert Gates Fast Facts.

Trump made 50 false claims last week, 13 about the whistleblower. Voters' views of impeachment still forming in a key battleground. Difference Maker Ellis McKennie.

The numbers prove it: Trump's Obama fixation is getting worse. Why 'Betomania' didn't translate to the national stage. How often does Trump misspell words on Twitter? These researchers have an answer.

Alitalia's new advertisement shows a 'blacked-up' Barack Obama | News | Al Jazeera

Donald Trump Fast Facts. Trump administration proposes rule that allows faith-based child welfare groups to exclude LGBTQ families. Pete Buttigieg touts rising organizing power in optimistic Iowa speech.

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Buttigieg campaign embraces Obama comparisons. Fact checking the misleading immigration statistic from Trump's World Series ad. Trump campaign makes seven-figure ad buy during final game of the World Series.

Airline apologises for video with actor in blackface playing Obama

Christine Romans: The economy is not as supercharged as Trump promised. But it might not matter. Trump's Ukraine dishonesty barrage continues. He made 96 false claims last week. Obama isn't quite right about TV and social media. Photos highlight stark differences in Trump and Obama approaches.

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Michelle Obama: White people are 'still running' from minority communities. Don Lemon: Trump's Obama obsession was on full display. What Barack Obama gets exactly right about our toxic 'cancel' culture.

Barack Obama has a message about being politically woke. The changing Democratic electorate could upend Iowa's role in Former intel chief compares al-Baghdadi and bin Laden raids. Trump's self-congratulatory end zone victory dance. It's getting late in Iowa already. Trump deserves to take a victory lap. Lies, lies, lies: How Trump's fiction gets more dramatic over time. Lemon: Two presidents praised Cummings. Trump aired grievances. Elijah Cummings' funeral was an inspiring celebration of idealism and decency. See Obama's message for elected officials in eulogy. What, exactly, is Tulsi Gabbard doing?

In pictures: Remembering US Rep.

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Elijah Cummings. How Trump picks his Medal of Freedom honorees.

Here are the 18 Democrats who are running for president. Fact check: Trump made 87 false claims last week, including 40 in a single day. Fact check: Trump made at least 21 false claims in angry Cabinet monologue. The court that could decide the future of Trump's presidency. Obama says 'Cummings stood tallest and most resolute when our country needed him the most'.

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Trump and Graham: It's complicated. Trump makes at least 12 false claims with Italian President. Obama endorses Trudeau for reelection ahead of Canadian vote.